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Q: My 1967 Camaro VIN starts with 12337 yet my cowl tag shows 12637, which is correct?
: The Fisher Body Number Plate (a.k.a. cowl tag or trim tag) does not mean the same thing as the GM VIN series/body style number. Fisher Body did not care what engine was going into the car since they only built the body from the firewall to rear bumper. Fisher Body would need to know such things as whether air condition was to be installed, bench or bucket seats, standard or custom interior and any internal and external trim options, etc. since those items did require changes to the basic body assembly and those options were noted in the group option codes on the cowl tag. A "12437" Fisher Body style number simply indicates a coupe body with standard interior where a "12637" would be a coupe body with custom interior. On the other hand, Chevrolet only cared if the Camaro was built with a 6- or 8- cylinder engine regardless of options or interior type. So, the GM VIN will indicate either "12337" for a 6-cylinder coupe or "12437" for an 8-cylinder coupe.

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