1968 Camaro

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The 1968 Camaro entered its second year with some refinements. Gone were the vent wings in favor of a one-piece front seat window glass. The infamous RPO Z28 option was now proudly displayed with badging on the front fender and rear cove. The term "the hugger" was introduced for the 1968 model year. Front and rear side markers made their way onto the Camaro for 1968 as it did for all of Chevrolet's lineup.

The 1968 Camaro was the first to feature Astro Ventilation. It did not have side vent windows. The headlight cover doors in 1968 Camaros were vacuum operated rather than electric as they were in 1967. The nose stripe continued in 1968, but was joined by two other striping options. One wrapped across the top of the nose, down the leading edge of the front fender to a point about four inches above the bumper, then horizontally back to almost the end of the door. The other nose stripe was multicolored and came as part of a special Customized Camaro sales promotion. The sales promotion required selection of Rallye Green, Brite Green, Corvette Bronze, or LeMans Blue exteriors. To combat the wheel hop problems associated with the 1967 models, the 1968 Camaro received staggered rear shock absorbers (the passenger side shock passed behind the axle and the driver-side ahead of the axle). Multi-leaf springs were added to V-8 models except for those powered by 210-hp and 275-hp versions of the 327-cid engine.

The Camaro SS models had unique hoods in 1968, and the hoods were different for SS-396 and SS-350 models. The SS-350 models had the same style as all 1967 SS models which featured two thin-ribbed, decorative inserts. The SS-396 models featured two inserts which each had four simulated carburetion stacks.